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Here’s how

  1. Type the following phrases. Make sure you are looking at your screen, and focus on your accuracy, not your speed.

    The box contained two parcels.

    A class of girls walked to the library.

    Who is she?

    The bird can't fly.

    Peter bought a new CD.

    Jane was sad, but cheered up later.

    Catch the horse.

    Whatever you do, don't feed the penguins.

    Sunshine now, rain later.

    Mike jived all night.

    She wore a baggy hat.

    Wear the dunce hat, she said.

    Extra homework for you.

    The police quizzed the teacher.

    Quickly, come and see.

    It won't matter a bit.

    Be careful, Mr. Smart.

    Introduce me to her tomorrow.

    The relationship had broken down.

  2. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    Clever Chloe can collect the ball.

    If you always win then it will be difficult for me.

    Officially, the time had come.

    She took early retirement.

    The bank statement showed a huge overdraft.

    Heavy horses happened to pass by.

    The garden looked lovely in Summer, but bleak in Winter.

    Coal prices went up by 100%.

    The bus carried 28 children, with 2 to each seat.

    Goodness knows what I will do on Saturday.

    He went clothes shopping at the new shopping mall until 2200 hours.

    Well done, Marisa the teacher said.

    He only drinks Chardonnay.

    The men loved playing golf early in the morning.

    The early morning dew glistened in beads on the newly-mown grass.

    Stop! Look! Listen!

    Everyone knows how to play that game.

    Instinctively she turned to go home to her old address.

    Perfect! she exclaimed.

    It hurts to inform you of the truth.

  3. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    Mr. & Mrs. Johnson frequently went to the zoo.

    The dog was a nuisance jumping up when visitors arrived.

    The paperboy disliked delivering papers in the early morning.

    Cars, trains and buses were delayed by the accident.

    How many times do I have to tell you?

    He wanted to change his chintz curtains for velveteen ones.

    Often the clock lost seconds and had to be adjusted.

    All my pencils need sharpening today.

    The fax machine seemed to be continually engaged.

    The shiny paper did not absorb the ink.

    Why don’t you go and ask the shop-keeper?

    Too many cooks are in the kitchen.

    Dirty knees need washing.

    I had to clean the carpet regularly in her house.

    The content's page numbers were wrong.

    The dictionary needed updating every year.

    Good lighting shops are hard to find.

    It belongs to the girls with the plaits.

    Freckles enhanced the little girl’s face.

    The little boy blew bubbles on the beach.

  4. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    The railway station was dirty and in need of renovation.

    Each envelope was steamed open to see the contents.

    The telephone directory did not have the information I required.

    The red car reversed straight into the brick wall.

    The old stone frog looked perfect in the surroundings.

    She only reads biographies.

    Eat your spinach!

    For his birthday, he went to London.

    The woman burned the midnight oil.

    His books were overdue and a fine had to be paid.

    The ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

    The cyclist wore cycling shoes, shorts and a helmet to protect himself.

    Use your vote wisely.

    How do you keep your car so clean?

    Walking downtown became something of a habit.

    It never seemed to rain during the week.

    The smell of cinnamon evoked memories of her holiday in America.

    We have recently acquired a liaison officer in our department.

    It didn’t seem to matter how many times it took.

    Valentine’s day is on February 14.

  5. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    They decided to get married at the end of May.

    She could not make an appointment that day.

    Linda had to wait hours in the accident and emergency department.

    The boy fractured his arm when he fell off his horse.

    The cornflowers looked beautiful in the terracotta tub.

    The views across the countryside were breathtaking.

    The association met on the second Tuesday of every month.

    Adjust the chair to suit your height.

    Zoology was offered as an alternative at the university.

    Keep knocking those knees together.

    The author could not grasp the ideas.

    The price was $400.

    David gained an impressive 91% in his geography examination.

    The bus driver was often insulted by the passengers.

    It won’t matter if you take your sports kit to school.

    Behave sensibly at all times.

    The training course proved too hard for the trainee.

    She eventually turned up with grazed knees and a sprained elbow.

    Anxiously, the mother waited for his return.

    There was a wealth of information available to all who wished to access it.

  6. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    Go and get six, seven or eight disks.

    To raise money for charity, Joe said he would walk to raise money.

    It's rare for us to see Mark and Georgina these days.

    I told the maintenance people that the computer screen was pink.

    David was feeling unwell, so he left the office at lunch time.

    Lyn asked the service engineer to listen to the knocking sound in her car.

    I told them that my name had been omitted from the mailing list.

    My sister hopes to visit Spain in August with her new baby.

    The football team arrived early for the match.

    In order to log on to the system you must key in your password.

    The first prize in the competition was a camera with a zoom lens.

    The Zurich festival is well known for its jazz bands.

    Max took sixty rolls of fax paper to the exhibition.

    The hotels in Texas are very luxurious.

    The following are on call: Gina, Pam, Claire and Martin.

    The menu for Monday consisted of the following: soup, quiche and salad.

    Liz found the journey quite exhausting but the views were exhilarating.

    All the equipment in the office had to be replaced after the fire.

    The views in the Lake District are disappointing if it is drizzling with rain.

    Mark named his new car ‘Blue Bottle Rocket’.

  7. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    I asked the bank to let me have $200 in Euros.

    Can Jim join us for dinner tonight?

    We are going to an art exhibition while we are in Zurich.

    The company guaranteed next day delivery for an additional $3.00.

    The Museum's display of fine old quill pens was quite extraordinary.

    It would be a good idea to have a color printer installed.

    They were told the job was urgent and that it must be delivered by Monday.

    All the staff were told they must attend the fire drill.

    John rang to say he was sorry but he would not be staying for the party.

    If you want a good career you must concentrate on your studies.

    We went to the local Health Center to see what information we could get.

    The Casualty Department was busy when we arrived.

    The kitten had knocked all the flowers off the kitchen table.

    Mark, Chris and Lyn organized a charity fun run in aid of the local hospital.

    The Marketing Manager asked to see all the staff at 1:00 pm.

    The baby was born at 5:20 pm and they have called her Billy Jo.

    The market sold apples, pears, plums, peaches and pomegranates.

    The Dr called in to see the new baby and was very pleased with her progress.

    We are hoping to visit Paris with the children.

    The buzzards were swooping low in the sky and were very impressive.

  8. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    I was amazed to see him driving a bulldozer.

    It was a pity to see the dog muzzled but he had seized the leg of the boy.

    The boy’s coat had torn and he looked exhausted when he arrived back.

    The hay fever season is upon us and everywhere people are sneezing.

    He was abroad on business when his baby son was born.

    The bridesmaids were bedecked in blue and yellow ribbons.

    The children were fascinated to hear about the journey across the desert.

    Don’t forget to close down properly before switching the computer off.

    People are too lazy to walk and prefer to stay close to their cars.

    The views at the top of the mountain were wonderful and worth the effort.

    He will need to arrive early to show the new people around the office.

    Their flight was delayed, so it was decided to take them straight to the hotel.

    The garden area includes a lake and fountain where you can sit and relax.

    We caught the next plane back from Venezuela because of the earthquake.

    It took 4 people 3 hours to repair the damage to the electricity pylons.

    The meeting will start at 3:00 pm but we hope it will be finished by 6:00 pm.

    The marathon is 26 miles long and I was surprised that Sue succeeded.

    Elizabeth will be 48 on June 14, and we will have a celebration party.

    The bouquet of flowers looked magnificent when it was received.

    The Johnson’s vacation lasted three full weeks.

  9. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    The results were put on the notice board for everyone to see.

    It was not possible to speak to all the students but 454 were questioned.

    He has decided to take early retirement and I think his wife will join him.

    The new word processing manual was very easy to understand.

    All the manuals are kept in the office cupboard and you must sign for them.

    We climbed to the top of the tower and felt quite dizzy when we looked over.

    The cup of coffee completely covered his keyboard and he did not care.

    The factory works mainly with part-time workers.

    If you want a job, call Mrs. Howell and say I said to contact her.

    Did you call Max to say you would be coming?

    I wanted to fax him but did not have his fax number with me.

    The menu was very comprehensive and quite competitively priced.

    The file was called ‘River Hunt’ and was not at all exciting.

    The starters were from $3.50 with a main course from $6.50.

    I am always amazed at the equipment on show at the computer exhibition.

    Over a dozen people volunteered to climb the mountain.

    The kids went climbing on their holiday, and they all had fun.

    Francesca won a holiday for two in France; she is planning to go next month.

    There is a special sale on software starting at 9:00 am this Saturday.

    We will need to research the prices to make sure we get a bargain.

  10. Take a quick break to stretch your arms and fingers, and then continue with the following phrases:

    The man slipped past security and was not spotted for several hours.

    The apples were a mixture but the cox apple was voted the best.

    There was an alarming accident on the road this morning.

    The traffic was held up for over an hour but he had his phone with him.

    Can you contact the computer supplies company immediately?

    We need a further one hundred disks delivered before Monday at 9:00 am.

    The Queen arrived at the docks and was cheered by the crowds.

    The hotel has leisure facilities, which can be enjoyed by all the residents.

    We are taking the children to London to see the sights.

    How much did you say you wanted to pay for the china dog?

    Mr. Buxton was in Room 48 but the meeting was in Room 58.

    The sponsored walk was 33 kilometers and 8 of my friends had entered.

    The conference is in Glasgow and will be on text processing.

    We need to know what the shipping costs will be and then fax them.

    We can guarantee delivery within 48 hours but only to a mainland address.

    The contestants were pleased to claim their prize of a holiday in Switzerland.

    Julia Quinnell passed her exams with top marks!

    How quickly can you deliver the goods?

    The holiday for two people was in Canada and was a wonderful win.

    He called the Chairman’s secretary to say he was stuck in a traffic jam.



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