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Skills inventory

Use the following form to gauge your skill level entering the class. For each skill listed, rate your familiarity from 1 to 5, with five being the most familiar. This is not a test. Rather, it is intended to provide you with an idea of where you’re starting from at the beginning of class. If you’re wholly unfamiliar with all the skills, you might not be ready for the class. If you think you already understand all of the skills, you might need to move on to the next course in the series. In either case, you should let your instructor know as soon as possible.

Skill 1 2 3 4 5
Write online versus on paper     
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of e-mail     
Understand the cultural significance of e-mail     
Use an e-mail program to send e-mail     
Communicate by using e-mail     
Understand when to avoid using e-mail     
Use the MAIL acronym     
Follow the guidelines of avoiding improper e-mail     
Ensure employee compliance to e-mail policies     
Avoid copyright infringement     
Avoid viruses     
Identify e-mail liability     
Use attachments     
Use priority labels and signature files     
Discuss the additional options in e-mail programs     
Use encryption and digital signatures     
Use passwords     
Use headers     
Include proper greeting     
Structure information clearly and effectively     
Close an e-mail message     
Consider the factors that determine e-mail writing     
Anticipate your recipient’s reaction     
Manage e-mail effectively     
Use proper tone     
Follow formatting guidelines     
Use emoticons and electronic abbreviations     
Achieve the objective of the message     
Improve online writing style     
Use punctuation correctly     
Construct sentences     
Construct paragraphs     
Edit e-mail messages     



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