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1: Select the sentence that shows correct comma usage.
  1. Every morning, he checks his e-mail.

  2. He wrote the e-mail message, he forgot to include a greeting.

  3. Every morning he checks, and reads his e-mail.

  4. He wrote the e-mail message but, he forgot to include a greeting.

  5. Every morning he checks and, reads his e-mail.

  6. He wrote the e-mail message, but he forgot to include a greeting.

2: Punctuate the following e-mail message correctly.

I’d like to submit our project team’s proposal for your consideration. We feel that our project can benefit the entire department. All the members of our team contribute equally but we would be more effective with two additional members.

Our jobs keep us busy; and don’t allow us to devote an appropriate amount of time to the project.

Our team is very knowledgeable and experienced but we would benefit from the addition of members who specialize in marketing and public relations. We have spoken with John Payton, a Marketing Manager who has committed to the project, Patty McGrady, a Public Relations Coordinator who has previous time commitments, and Juan Gonzales, another Public Relations Coordinator who should be available.

There are several areas we could improve with the addition of these team members (Team cohesion, accountability, and coordination).

Including John and Patty on our team will increase our team’s abilities and results.

3: Which of these choices correctly state when you should use an ellipsis?
  1. To indicate a pause

  2. To indicate missing information when quoting a written work

  3. To indicate additional information

  4. To indicate that a remark is incomplete

  5. When the information is not essential

  6. When you do not want the information to stand out

4: Insert the semicolons in the following sentences:

Look over this report you will see several grammatical errors.

Is the conference in Rochester, New York or Rochester, Minnesota?

5: Rewrite the following sentences by using colons:

This arrangement allows measurements to be made in three spectral bands, solar, infrared, and visible.

Atkinson said the following yesterday “I’m happy here.”

Today, they face a further threat to their survival, starvation.

The word “important” has many synonyms weighty, eventful, major, and significant.

6: Choose the sentence that uses parentheses correctly:
  1. I will be attending the class this afternoon. (Jerry can’t go.)

  2. I will be attending the class (this afternoon). Jerry can’t go.

  3. I will be attending (the class) this afternoon. Jerry can’t go.



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