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1: You are applying for the post of Supervisor in Ms. Johnson’s department. You have already compiled and updated your resume. Then, you composed the following cover letter to be sent as an e-mail message. Edit your e-mail message to make it more effective. Use the space on the facing page to re-write the message.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

At the suggestion of my supervisor, Maria Rosales I am writing to inquire about the Customer Service Manager position in your department. I am competent and knowledgeable in the area of customer service. People have told me I’ve successfully dealt with a number of different situations. I have enclosed my resume for your review.

Most recently at Icon I’ve worked closely with Maria and then the other supervisor worked with me when our project was finished. In this capacity I have received commendations from my supervisors.

Before joining Icon, I worked at Smith Industries. I gained customer service experience as both a Customer Service Representative and a Temporary Supervisor.

I am presently interested in any open positions you might have preferably with an opportunity for growth and advancement. I have done some checking about your department and I have learned that your department seems to be a pretty good place to work.

I would like to work in a high quality department such as yours. I offer a number of different qualities that could contribute to your team. You would benefit greatly by considering me as a candidate to fill the open position in your department.

Are you interested in a self-motivated and highly competant candidate. If so we should speak. I am willing to work hard to learn the elements and nuances of your department. I hope you are willing to get in touch with me soon.


Wilson Wood

2: Select the action that needs to be taken before sending the following paragraph:

It has come to my attention that every single training program that we have conducted has been totally useless. Therefore, each training program will be absolutely reconstructed to help employees benefit from this very important program. However, the reconstructed training program will not be available until April 2014.

  1. Edit for grammar

  2. Edit for content

  3. Edit for conciseness

  4. Edit for format

3: Which edit function should you use before sending the following e-mail message:

Due to circumstances out of our control, the printer will not be functioning until further notice. I offer condolences to those of you who needed to use it today. Please send all documents that you need printed to the receptionist. Consequently, she will print any crucial documents in due time.

4: You received the following e-mail from your manager:


Are some of you using recycled paper for the copier. Its important that you used the recycled paper only for documents that is used internally. We received some complaints from customers that we have been sending faxes to customers on recycled paper. Its important that you don’t send faxes with recycled paper to customers.

Which edit function should have been used before sending this message?

5: You received the following e-mail message from your manager.

Good afternoon everyone,

I just wanted to inform you about the meeting we’ll be having at noon. We will be discussing the SLT plan for BDPL. Be there or be square.

Which of these actions still needs to be taken before sending this e-mail message?

  1. Edit for readability

  2. Edit for grammar

  3. Edit for content

  4. Edit for format



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