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1: From where can you get information about the place you are visiting?
2: Identify the cultural orientation associated with quick decision-making.
  1. Speed orientation

  2. Task orientation

  3. Individual orientation

  4. Group orientation

3: In the following scenario, Valorie, an employee at Icon International, is having a conversation with her manager, Jack, about her upcoming trip to the Middle East.

Jack: Valorie, I hope this meeting helps you prepare for your upcoming trip to the Middle East. As you know, the culture of the Middle East is group-oriented. What would you do if your Middle Eastern counterparts take an excessive amount of time to give you an answer regarding the acceptance or rejection of your proposal?

Valorie: Well, I think I would ask them what was taking so long. Then, I would push for an answer.

Do you think Valorie’s approach is correct? Why or why not?

4: What is your experience with people who have different cultural orientations?
5: You are the regional director of Icon’s Products and Services division. You need to visit some Asian countries to finalize some business. The success of these deals depends on how you handle your clients. Most of these countries have a past-oriented culture. What guidelines should you keep in mind while conducting business with them?
6: In cultures that have ____________ toward personal feelings, people don’t generally reveal what they’re thinking or feeling.



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