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1: Select the responsibilities you should fulfill before attending a meeting.
  1. Respond to the meeting invitation.

  2. Complete any tasks that will help you be an informed participant.

  3. Provide the meeting leader with your evaluation of the agenda.

  4. Examine the agenda to determine what tasks you can complete to prepare for the meeting.

  5. Think of ways to challenge co-workers’ positions on the meeting’s topic.

  6. Ask the leader what you can do to prepare.

2: In the following scenario, Francesco Carter and Jennifer Adams, employees at Icon International, are discussing a meeting they had attended earlier that day to which their co-worker Michael Amos was late.

Francesco: How’s your afternoon?

Jennifer: Well, it’s pretty good. Although, I’m still frustrated about the project meeting this morning.

Francesco: Oh, really? I was happy with what we accomplished after Michael got there.

Jennifer: That’s exactly it—after Michael got there. I think Michael has a lot to contribute to the project, but it’s so frustrating when he shows up late to meetings.

Francesco: Yeah, I know what you mean. I had a lot of other work to accomplish this morning. I would have liked to use the 15 minutes we spent waiting on Michael to accomplish some other tasks.

Jennifer: It just makes me wonder whether he cares about this project.

What impression did Michael’s tardiness create in his co-worker’s mind?

3: Watch the movie and then answer the following:

What professional conduct did the lady follow?



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