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Chapter 14. Etiquette in meetings > Professional conduct in meetings - Pg. 47

Professional conduct 2 ­ 15 Unit summary: Professional conduct Topic A In this unit, you learned guidelines for accessing the Internet at work. You also learned about the risks of Internet use when downloading information or software, which include computer viruses, security breaches, and copyright infringements. Next, you learned about common ethical dilemmas, such as preparing expense reports, using office supplies, and taking sick days. You learned how to handle ethical dilemmas effectively by following common sense guidelines. You also learned about maintaining loyalty and confidentiality in the workplace. Finally, you learned how to handle common personal issues in the workplace, such as flirting, dating, office romances, and sexual harassment. You also learned to be cautious about sharing personal information with your co-workers. Topic B Topic C Review questions 1 List two ways that you can protect the company when accessing the Internet. 1 Don't share your passwords with anyone. 2 Keep your anti-virus software updated. 2 If you are a supervisor, you should never ask your employees to compromise their ____________.