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1: You are the director of strategic marketing at Icon International. You have recently learned that Icon executives want to increase the budget for a few departments. You want a budget increase for your department also. You decide to hold a meeting with your employees to discuss the issue.

How will you determine a proper time for the meeting?

You need to have a meeting with Icon’s chief financial officer to explain why you want an increase in your department’s budget. You have to prepare an agenda for the meeting. What actions should you take to prepare an agenda?

  1. Prioritize the topics, so that important items are discussed first.

  2. Limit the amount of discussion permitted for potentially controversial topics.

  3. Specify whether participants are sharing facts, making decisions, or reaching approval.

  4. Limit the length of the meeting.

  5. Designate the amount of time allotted for discussing each topic.

  6. Solicit feedback on the order of topics to be discussed.

  7. Ask whether participants want a facilitator present.

2: Select the items you should provide to meeting participants before the meeting begins.
  1. A copy of the agenda

  2. A list of the attendees

  3. A printed version of any visual aids you’ll use

  4. Materials to help them prepare

  5. A copy of any notes you have made about the meeting

  6. Directions to the meeting

3: How do visual aids improve meetings?
4: In the following scenario, Alec and Robin are sitting in a conference room. Robin is shuffling through some papers.

Alec: What are you looking for, Robin?

Robin: The minutes from last week’s meeting. Oh, here they are. I couldn’t remember what date we’d chosen for the district conference.

Alec: The third of November, right?

Robin: Yes, that’s right. I need to book a location for it before the end of the month.

How did the meeting minutes help Robin?



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