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1: You received an invitation to a cocktail reception. What is the proper way to respond to the invitation?

If the style of dress isn’t specified on the invitation, what dress code should you follow?

  1. Go in formal attire.

  2. Dress in a black dress.

  3. Check with the host to find out about the dress code.

  4. Find out from someone about the dress code.

2: Chris accepted an invitation to attend a business function in honor of the vice president of his division. On the day of the event, he discovered that he would be unable to attend. The next day, he sent a note to apologize to the host. What should Chris have done to handle this situation better?
  1. He should have called the host as soon as he found out he couldn’t attend.

  2. He should have sent flowers with the note.

  3. He should have called the following day instead of writing a note.

  4. He should have called immediately after the event.

3: Alexis wants to introduce her fiancé to everyone at a business function. Is it proper for her to take her fiancé along with her?
4: Follow the instructor’s directions to play a game. The purpose is to understand the importance of mingling at social functions.
5: Watch the movie and then answer the following question.

A common dilemma you might encounter while mingling is the need to shake hands with people while carrying a drink or food. How did Michael overcome this dilemma?

6: List the steps you would have to take to join a conversation at a business function.



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