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Chapter 14. Telecommuting Proposals: Get... > Getting Your Boss to Let You Do the ...

Getting Your Boss to Let You Do the 60-Second Slide to the Office

Usually, at most companies, a telecommuting proposal is the first step. If you're a trailblazer and no one at your company has telecommuted before, it's even more important that your proposal have all the i's dotted and t's crossed. Here are some guidelines:

  • Demonstrate that you have thought through all the elements of telecommuting. For example, are you equipped technologically to handle the switch over to telework? Are you planning on coming in to the office for key meetings? Are all aspects of your job able to convert to being done from home?

  • Anticipate arguments and create win-win responses and points within your proposal.

  • Note that no formal telecommuting policy will allow you to work from home as a replacement for childcare. If you plan on watching your infant yourself, this will not go over well if that's somehow discovered or slips out. Most telecommuters we know have plans in place for childcare. However, if your manager is wavering just be certain that you strongly reiterate your commitment to professionalism and your job, or even let your manager know outright you have all your childcare needs handled so you will have no interruptions during your teleworking hours.

  • Discuss your personality traits that make you an effective and ideal telecommuter: self-starter, flexible, independent, a good communicator, able to make workflow adjustments and adapt to crises.

  • Don't resort to “whining” or complaining that “another manager lets his or her employees telework.” A “no” for right now may turn into a “yes” later.

  • If your manager is extremely reluctant and you are a “trailblazer,” hunt the Internet and professional journals and magazines for statistics and case examples of ways in which telework is used successfully.

  • Remember that some middle managers respond best to spreadsheets that give clear goals on productivity, workflow, and so forth. If facts and figures can support your case, use them.

  • Try to show your productivity will actually increase without office distractions or a lengthy commute.



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