Stop taking snapshots and start taking photographs! "Mastering Digital Photography" gives you the tips and techniques you need to take professional-quality photographs with your digital camera. Written for photographers, by a photographer, it examines the special capabilities and needs of computer imaging, concentrating on creative techniques that allow you to capture the ideal image digitally. Go in-depth as you examine techniques that apply to specific types of photography—from tips for capturing the perfect action shot to the ideal lens zoom selection for stunning nature photos.


  • Explore the world of photography with digital technology

  • Learn digital techniques from a professional photographer

  • Produce more professional-looking images

  • Understand similarities/differences between digital and film cameras

  • Handsome four-color book with brilliant images throughout

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"Very deep" - by Lorenzo Berendsen on 21-JAN-2013
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This book addresses the main issues relating to photography. Do not want to change paradigms and revolutionize concepts, rather, seeks to base on a solid foundation that is already proven and works. Herein lies its merit. Each issue is dealing with a lot of depth, providing a solid knowledge useful to the reader.
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