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The author of any book, including this one, is just one of the many people who make it possible.

I want to thank

Almighty God— He created the world and gave us the insight to view it, appreciate it, and record it through photography and other visual arts.

Cheryl— who has encouraged me to see the everyday world and our family as exciting subjects for photography.

Ian— who has become the finest photographer in our family.

Jeremy— who loves to explore the fusion of photography and graphics.

Kate and Hugh— who are responsible for the birth of Jarvis, the young “star” of many of the photographs in this book.

Ed and Erin; Bruce, Dawn, Michael, and Matthew; Steve and Stephanie; Mom Christmas— who helped me capture holidays and special events for this book.

Photography fans John Kizlin and Donnie Owen— who lent some of the digital cameras and accessories featured in this book.

The folks at Schmitt Photo (www.schmittphoto.com) and Robert's Distributors (www.robertsimaging.com)— who showed me some of the newest digital cameras and helped me contact vendor representatives.

Russell Shaw— who suggested some of the tasks in this book and provided photographs of the beautiful Pacific Northwest and its animal life.

Greg Wiegand— who green-lighted this project and built the terrific team that helped put it together.

Michelle Newcomb— who brought me into the project and helped me understand the unique features of the Easy series.

Todd Brakke and Kevin Howard— who helped bring out the best through their suggestions and critiques.

Greg Perry— who kept the technical discussions on track.

Ben Berg— who helped exterminate spelling and other textual glitches.

Tonya Simpson— who kept chapters flowing in the right direction.

Sharry Gregory— who kept everything organized and kept those checks coming!

Susan Geiselman— who prepared the book for printing.

Dan Scherf— who developed the companion CD.

Erika Millen— who made sure the index helps you find what you need—quickly.

And the rest of the Que team, working together to make sure you get the best technology books on the market.

—Mark Edward Soper

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