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Credits About the Author Derrick Story is a photographer, writer, and teacher. He starting hacking on cameras long before his first shave, date, or kiss. Most likely, this passion for tinkering delayed the latter two by many years. During the formative period of his career, he was much better at taking cameras apart than putting them back together. He learned that duct tape leaves a nasty residue on glass optics, that plastic bags aren't always watertight, and that just because you think something should work a certain way doesn't mean it will. Now, more than 30 cameras later, he runs his Northern California photo business, Story Photography (, writes articles and books for O'Reilly & Associates, and teaches digital photography at technology conferences such as Mac- world Expo. You can read Derrick's online articles at MacDevCenter (http://www.macdevcenter .com) and check out his other books at O'Reilly's web site (, including the Digital Photography Pocket Guide, Digital Video Pocket Guide, and iPhoto 4: The Missing Manual. Contributors The following people contributed their writing, images, and creative souls to this project. Without them, this book would not have the diversity and charm that is imbued by their efforts. · Jan Blanchard is a freelance photographer in Northern California who believes there's no such thing as too much magnification. When she doesn't have her lens hood buried in the pistils and stamens of flowers, you can find her shooting wed- dings and building digital slideshows on her iBook. You can see more of her work at · David Goldwasser is the owner of Inertia, LLC, which he started in 2000 to provide visual media services to the design and construction industry. He is a lifelong pho- xv