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The following people contributed their writing, images, and creative souls to this project. Without them, this book would not have the diversity and charm that is imbued by their efforts.

  • Jan Blanchard is a freelance photographer in Northern California who believes there's no such thing as too much magnification. When she doesn't have her lens hood buried in the pistils and stamens of flowers, you can find her shooting weddings and building digital slideshows on her iBook. You can see more of her work at http://homepage.mac.com/photogal.

  • David Goldwasser is the owner of Inertia, LLC, which he started in 2000 to provide visual media services to the design and construction industry. He is a lifelong photography enthusiast who racked up seven years' experience in the architectural field prior to venturing out on his own. He has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tulane University and a Master of Construction Management degree from Washington University.

    David's focus is on high-resolution panoramic photography, as well as architectural, travel, landscape, and commercial photography. Not only does he love the art of photography, but he also loves exploring the science and technologies related to the capturing and application of digital images. If he's not busy working on a project, he's probably out finding new things to photograph or rigging up some odd-looking device or workflow to push photographic technology a little further along. You can email David at info@inertia-llc.com or visit his web site: http://www.inertia-llc.com

  • Terrie Miller is the Production Manager for the Online Publications Group of O'Reilly & Associates. For fun, she maintains PointReyes.net (http://www.pointreyes.net) and is a hawk-watch volunteer for the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory (http://www.ggro.org) during the fall raptor-migration season.

  • Todd Ogasawara focuses on two distinct topics. The first is Mobile Workforce and Mobile Lifestyle technology, with special attention paid to the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform (Pocket PC and Smartphone). Microsoft has recognized his demonstrated practical expertise and willingness to share his experience by recognizing him as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Mobile Devices category.

    His other technology focus is in the effort to bring commercial (especially Microsoft-related products) and GNU/open-source software together in a synergistic and productive way. For lack of a better term, Todd calls this concept Eccentric Technology.

    Todd has written several articles related to mobile devices, including camera phones, for the O'Reilly Network Wireless DevCenter (http://www.oreillynet.com/wireless/). He previously worked as a technology analyst for GTE/Verizon. He also served as the contracted Forum Manager for the MSN (and later ZDNet) Telephony Forum and Windows CE Forum. More recently, he served as project lead to develop an intranet portal for the State of Hawaii using open source tools.

    You can find Todd's Mobile Workforce and Lifestyle commentary at at http://www.MobileViews.com. You can learn more about Eccentric Technology at http://www.OgasaWalrus.com. For comments related to camera phones, you can reach Todd by email at PhoneCam@OgasaWalrus.com.

  • Mike Pasini edits Imaging Resource's Digital Photography Newsletter (http://www.imaging-resource.com/IRNEWS), helping subscribers "get the picture" with tutorials, reviews, columns for beginners and pros, real-life adventures, and free, personal technical help. Shorter than he appears in print, he has escaped serious injury behind the lens and the keyboard thanks only to the hacks he has gleaned from family, friends, and nearly perfect strangers. He's happy to share a few favorites here, not just to help reduce the need for medical care but also to express his gratitude.

  • Hadley Stern is a designer, writer, and photographer residing in Boston, MA. Hadley was born in London, England, relocated at age 4 to Singapore, then to Canada at age 10, and finally to America at age 22, where he met his lovely wife, Meiera.

    Hadley studied creative writing and western civilization and culture at Concordia University before studying graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). While at RISD, he began to pursue photography seriously, working in black and white and color and always experimenting with different techniques, including learning how to print Cibachromes.

    Since graduating from RISD, Hadley has worked as a professional designer at Malcolm Grear Designers, Rykodisc Records, and Razorfish. He has worked on corporate-identity projects, CD packages, web sites, flash banner advertising, and a wide variety of print collateral. Equally adept as both a print and interactive designer, he uses his technical knowledge of design production to further enrich his photography. Hadley now works as a freelance designer, consulting with various clients. His personal site is http://www.hadleystern.com.

    Hadley also finds time to photograph, working in a variety of media, both digital and traditional. His current tools include a Canon EOS Elan IIE, Bronica ETRS, Graflex Speed Graphics, a Canon S50, a PowerMac G4, and a Jamcam. His work has been exhibited in Kentucky, Providence, Newport, and Kansas.

    Hadley has written for WebMonkey, American Photo magazine, and iPodLounge.com, and is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of AppleMatters.com. AppleMatters is a serious yet irreverent look at all things Apple. Covering opinions, news, and interviews, AppleMatters has done tremendously well since its launch over a year ago. Design, writing, photography—each informs the others.

  • Andrzej Wrotniak ("Un-jay," if you want to pronounce it right) is a longtime amateur photographer, computer enthusiast, and web publisher. In his free time, he is also a chief scientist and software engineer at a small aerospace company in Maryland, working with air traffic applications. A physicist by education, he spent 16 years in cosmic ray research in his native Poland before settling in the United States 20 years ago.

    Andrzej's eclectic web site (http://wrotniak.net) provides about 300 pages of original material, including photography (mostly digital), travel, and a number of shareware Windows applications: some advanced math tools for scientists and engineers, but also an addictive puzzle game.

    His articles on photography range from in-depth, technical reviews of selected digital camera models, through general how-to articles, to a historic section on the first 35mm SLR ever made. His web site also includes a number of photo-gallery pages, with high-resolution images from Uzbekistan, Japan, the Outer Banks, Monument Valley, and more.

    When you visit his web site (refreshingly, without any advertising, pop-ups, frames, or scripts), be prepared to spend quite a while. This is what the Web was supposed to be about. You can contact Andrzej at andrzej@wrotniak.net.

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