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Part: 3 Storage and Output Options

Part 3: Storage and Output Options

One great thing about digital photography is that you're freed from the limited number of exposures offered by traditional photographic film. However, the digital photographer is limited by the capacity of his storage medium. Becoming familiar with storage options and¬ functionality is key to keeping your photos organized and safely stored.

Once you've begun taking digital photographs, you're bound to want to share your images. Since your images are digital, you can share them electronically much more quickly than the traditional film photography development process allows. However, you'll want to take the time to prepare your photos properly for the medium in which you wish to share them.

In this part, we'll show you how to rename your files for better organization, how to select the removable storage medium that will work best for you, how to make smart choices about archiving, and how to make the most of CD-ROM or DVD storage. We'll also discuss considerations and preparation techniques for preparing your images for the Web, email, and online auctions.


Chapter 8: Organizing and Archiving Your Images


Renaming digital camera files


Portable storage devices


Making smart archiving choices


Recordable DVDs


External hard drives


Chapter 9: Output Options


Prepping images for the Web


Emailing digital images


Quality images for online auctions


Creating a PDF slide show



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