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Part: 2 Shooting Techniques

Part 2: Shooting Techniques

While digital photography provides the advantage of instantly reviewing your photos, you'll still benefit from perfecting your shooting techniques. Taking the time to learn and practice some tricks of the trade will help you to produce better images more quickly. In this part, we'll introduce you to techniques for taking pictures of children and pets, as well as memorable photographs of special events. We'll also show you how to take great shots outdoors and in specialty lighting situations. We'll discuss ways that you can improve image quality before you take each shot, and finally, we'll go over technical tips that will help to make your pictures the best they can be.


Chapter 4: People Shots, Portraits, and Pets


Photographing kids and pets


Keeping your subjects' attention


Candid photography techniques


Creating great holiday pictures


Chapter 5: Specialty and Outdoor Shots


Photographing sunsets


Nighttime photography


Photographing autumn colors


Overcoming the challenges of winter photography


Fast-action modes


Taking silhouettes




Chapter 6: Improving Image Quality While Shooting


Working around autofocus


Manual focusing


Controlling exposure priority


Exposure bracketing


Keeping your composition simple


Achieving balance in your images


Framing your images


The Rule of Thirds


Conveying a sense of scale in your photographs


Taking better pictures using your flash


Using an external flash


Adjusting the direction of light


Chapter 7: Technical Information


Getting to know your viewfinder's configuration


Using a gray card for proper exposure


Selecting the correct ISO setting


Troubleshooting your noisy digital images


Understanding your lens specifications



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