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Copyright © 2004 by Katrin Eismann, Seán Duggan, Tim Grey

Peachpit Press
1249 Eighth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
510/524-2221 (fax)

Find us on the World Wide Web at: www.peachpit.com
To report errors, please send a note to errata@peachpit.com
Peachpit Press is a division of Pearson Education

Editors: Anne Marie Walker, Becky Morgan
Production Editor: Hilal Sala
Copyeditor: Sally Zahner
Technical Editor: Wayne R. Palmer
Proofreaders: Liz Welch, Suzie Lowey
Compositors: Rick Gordon, Emerald Valley Graphics; Myrna Vladic, Bad Dog Graphics;
             Diana Van Winkle, Van Winkle Design Group
Illustrator: Jeff Wilson, Happenstance-Type-O-Rama
Cover design: Gee+Chung
Cover Illustration: George Mattingly
Cover Photograph: Seán Duggan
Indexer: FireCrystal Communications

Notice of Rights

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. For information on getting permission for reprints and excerpts, contact permissions@peachpit.com.

Notice of Liability

The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis, without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the book, neither the author nor Peachpit Press shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the computer software and hardware products described in it.


Throughout this book, trademarks are used. Rather than put a trademark symbol in every occurrence of a trademarked name, we state that we are using the names in an editorial fashion only and to the benefit of the trademark owner with no intention of infringement of the trademark.

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Printed and bound in the United States of America


For Pedro Meyer: Your faithful heart, generous soul, insightful eye, and deep love for photography have enriched the lives of so many people.
To Anna: For everything…past, present, and future.
To Fiona: For all the times when I couldn t play with you: Yes, Papa is done working now!
To Lisa for her incredible love, support, and patience, and to Miranda and Riley.

Completing this book was possible only with the support and generosity of many people. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to the photographers whose images and insights are featured; to the people that generously lent us equipment, including Richard LoPinto at Nikon Inc., Carla Ow at Sony, Dave Metz at Canon, Steve Upton at Chromix; Dan Steinhardt at Epson, Kim Evans at Lexar Media, Brian Levey at Color Vision, Arlene Karsh and Liz Quinlisk at Gretag Macbeth, Joe Johnson at Really Right Stuff, Bob Singh at Singh-Ray Filters, Jessica Roeber at Kanguru Solutions, Janice Wendt at nik Multimedia, Laura Sanchez at EZPnP, and Cheryl England at Canto; the Photoshop engineering team who answered our questions with patience and wit; the Pixel Mafia (www.imagingrevue.com) for allowing us to quote their words of wisdom; and our long-suffering families, friends, and neglected pets and plants. We promise not to take on another book project until the ink is dry on this one!

Finally we need to sincerely thank our Peachpit Press team: Steve Weiss and Becky Morgan for bringing us all together; Anne Marie Walker, task master with a smile; Sally Zahner, copyeditor who never missed our mistakes; Wayne Palmer, technical editor with a creative eye; and Hilal Sala and the great team of compositors who finessed the words and images into the beautiful page layout. We appreciate every extra minute, every tiny change you let us make, and your understanding of our too often past-deadline requests to “add just one more figure” or to “insert just a few more pages.” Thank you all very much.

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