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Chapter 15.  Understanding Colors and Ch... > Using Color Channels - Pg. 245

CREATING PATHS 245 Using a Path to Make a Selection As was noted much earlier in the chapter, you can use a path as a selection at any time, making it easy for you to work with the path area later, applying a filter or other effect. 1. Click on Window. The Window menu will appear. 2. Click on Paths. The Paths palette will become the active tab in the Layers palette window. TIP In place of opening the Window menu and choosing Paths, you can click on the Paths tab in the Layers palette window. 3. Click on the desired path. The path will become the active path. 4. Click on the Load Path as a Selection button at the bottom of the Paths palette tab. A selection marquee will appear around the path. You then can work with the selection just as you would any other selection.