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Part VII:  Appendixes  >  Online Resources

Appendix D. Online Resources

Photoshop inspires more online interaction, publishing, and software product development than many other programs due to the wealth of features and options that Photoshop offers. In addition to consulting the resources listed in Table D-1, you can search for “Photoshop” using your favorite Web search engine to yield dozens of links to sites offering tips, help, and downloads.

Table Table D-1. Online Photoshop Resources
Category Resource Description
Online Forums www.adobe.com/support/forums/main.html Go to this page to find links to the Photoshop Mac and Windows forums operated by Adobe. You can log in as a guest, or register to be able to post messages.
Online Tutorials www.adobe.com/products/tips/photoshop.html Adobe’s official tutorial site, with tips from leading experts.
Web Site www.photoshopuser.com The site for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, providing publication reviews and training resources.
Web Site www.planetphotoshop.com Offers online tutorials, links to software downloads, links to other Photoshop sites, and information about resources such as seminars and books.
Web Site, Plug-ins www.thepluginsite.com Offers filters, plug-ins, and graphics that you can download or purchase, as well as other resources.
Web Site, Plug-ins www.desktoppublishing.com/photoshop.html Known as the Photoshop Paradise site, provides tips and tricks, resources, and links to actions, filters, and plug-ins.
Web Site www.elementkjournals.com/ips/ The Inside Photoshop online magazine. View a sample issue. Subscribe to access the greatest variety of articles.



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