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Vector Objects

To practice handling vector objects, create a vector shape, as follows:

  1. Open a new image with a solid white raster background. (Having a raster layer isn’t necessary, but the solid-colored background makes it easier to see your drawing as you’re creating it. The raster layer can always be deleted later, if you like.)

  2. If the Tool Options palette isn’t visible, press F4 to make this palette visible. Then select the Preset Shapes tool. In the Materials palette, set the Stroke to Solid Color mode, setting the color to whatever you want for the stroke, and set Fill to Transparent. In the Tool Options palette, select Star 2 in the drop-down list. Retain style is not to be checked, but be sure to check Create as vector (see Figure 6.2.). Set Width to whatever width you want for the stroke.

    Figure 6.2. Tool Options palette for Preset Shapes.

  3. Draw a star in the middle of your new image by dragging from the upper-left to the lower-right corner (or by right-dragging from the center out). When you release the mouse button, you’ll see something like Figure 6.3.

    Figure 6.3. A vector shape.

    Notice the rectangular border around the star, which indicates that the object is selected. Also notice the control handles on the top, bottom, corners, and sides of this border and the bar radiating from the center of the circle, along with its control handles. You can use the border and control handles to move or deform the object.

  4. If the Layer palette isn’t visible, press the F8 key to make that palette visible. Notice that there is a plus sign to the left of the vector layer icon, indicating that this layer contains at least one object. Click on the plus sign and the vector layer information will be expanded, showing a button for the new Star 2 object (see Figure 6.4).

    Figure 6.4. Layer palette display for a vector object.

  5. When an object is selected, its name appears in boldface on its object button in the Layers palette. To deselect an object, right-click the object button for the selected object and choose Select None. The label on the button becomes unbolded, and the object becomes deselected. Click the object button of the object again and that object becomes selected again.



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