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Chapter 8. Photo Editing and Enhancement - Pg. 161

07 PSP Chapter 07 11/3/03 11:12 PM Page 161 Paint Shop Pro 8 Effects -- Chapter 7 161 Figure 7.58 The Plug-in Filters display on the File Locations dialog box. CHAPTER 7 To apply a plug-in filter, choose Effects > Plugins > filter family > filter name. For example, to apply the Eye Candy 4000 filter called Wood, you'd choose Effects > Plugins > Eye Candy 4000 > Wood. NOTE Plug-ins require that MSVCRT10.DLL be in your Windows\System folder. If you don't have this file, you can download it from nearly any filter download site or from the Jasc FTP site at You can access the Jasc site via anonymous FTP. Some Filter Factory plug-ins also require that PLUGIN.DLL be in your Windows\System folder. If you have one of Adobe's graphics products, you probably already have this file and simply need to copy it to Windows\System. If you don't have this file, don't despair. Just head over to The Plugin Site ( and download a free copy of Harry Heim's Plugin Commander Light or purchase Plugin Commander Pro. PiCo (as it's called by its fans) lets you translate the old plug-ins to a form that Paint Shop Pro can use. PiCo also has several other handy functions, including some specifically for Paint Shop Pro, so you might want to check it out even if you have a copy of PLUGIN.DLL.