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Creating a Slide Show

What better way to get a good look at your photos–and share them with your friends–than to sit back and let them display themselves one at a time? But this slide show is not your granddad's musty slide carousel and projector with the burnt-out bulb. It's a PDF or a movie file that you can use in many ways.

Ctrl-click to select the photos you want to include in your slide show.

Click Create.

Click Slide Show.

Click OK.


Everything in Order

Elements places photos in your show in the order that they occupy in the Photo Browser. To change their order, drag and drop them in the preview area at the bottom of the Slide Show Editor window.


Party Favor

Slide shows are fun to play at big events, such as anniversary or milestone birthday parties. Collect photos of the people being honored, choose one of their favorite songs, and go to town! The guests will love it.

Set your slide show preferences and click OK.

Click Add Blank Slide to insert a blank slide for your title.

Drag and drop slides at the bottom of the window to change their order.


Talking About Photos

If your PC has a microphone, you can record a voiceover track for each slide. Click Narration at the top of the Extras palette, then click the Record button to add narration. Click Stop when you're done, and click Play to play back the recording.

Drag and drop graphics from the Extras palette onto the slides.

Click Add Text to insert text on a slide.

Enter your text and click OK.

Click Preview to see what the slide show will look like.


Taking a Break

If you need to stop working on your slide show before it's finished, click Save Project at the top of the Slide Show Editor window to create a project file that you can re-open when you have time to complete the show.



A PDF file can be opened in the free Adobe Reader on any computer, but it can't contain special effects such as Pan and Zoom. To use all the animation bells and whistles, save your slide show as a WMV file.

Click Output.

Click Save as a File and choose a file type option.

Click OK.

Give the slide show a name and click Save.



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