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Making a Web Photo Gallery

Photoshop Elements includes a variety of designs for Web pages, and the program can automatically insert your photos and descriptive text into its templates with just a few clicks. It then generates completed pages ready for uploading to your Web hosting service or ISP.

Click Photo Browser to switch to Organizer mode.

Ctrl-click to select the photos you want to include in your Web gallery.

Click Create.

Click HTML Photo Gallery.

Click OK.

Choose an option from the Gallery Style pop-up menu, such as Cute Stripes.

Enter a title for the gallery and (if you like) your email address to receive comments from viewers.


Want Mail?

Entering an email address in step 3 isn't mandatory, so just leave it blank if you don't want site visitors to contact you. If the E-mail text box is grayed, the style you selected can't display an address.

Follow instructions of your Web hosting service for uploading–publishing–your files. The usual method is via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). A handy and inexpensive program for doing this is GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP.

Drag and drop the pictures in the Photos area to change their order.

Click the Thumbnails or Large Photos tab and choose size, quality, and caption options.

Click the Custom Colors tab and click the color swatches to change the gallery's background and link colors.

Click Save.


What Is That Again?

To include captions, choose either Filename or Caption in the Captions area of the Thumb-nails tab; then choose a font and size. To store the caption, see “Adding and Printing Photo Captions” on p. 78.


Where's That Picture?

If you realize in the midst of setting options for your Web gallery that you've left out your favorite photo, click Add in the Photos section to return to the Organizer and select it.

Click a thumbnail image to see the large version.



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