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Part 12. Just for Fun > Creating Pop Art

Creating Pop Art

The biggest advantage of digital photo editing is that you can try dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of variations on a theme for each photo. And putting a few variations together in a collage format just happens to be a recognized art technique, one made famous by none other than Andy Warhol. Give it a try!

Switch to the Crop tool and Shift-drag in the image to draw a square cropping marquee.

Click the Commit button below the cropping marquee.

Choose Filter, Stylize, Solarize.

Choose Enhance, Adjust Lighting, Shadows/Highlights.


More Options

You don't have to be restricted to different color schemes for your variations. Try applying different Artistic filters. Or line up several copies of an image in a row and make each copy a bit lighter or a bit darker than the one next to it.

Click OK.

In the Layers palette, double-click the Background.

Click OK.

Drag Layer 0 onto the Create Layer button to duplicate it.


Separation of Layers

Putting each copy of the image on its own layer makes moving it around and applying color changes to it easy.


Test Run

Make sure the picture you use has strong enough lines that you ll still be able to tell what it is after you run the Solarize filter. If you're not sure, test it before you spend any time cropping it by choosing Filter, Stylize, Solarize.

Repeat step 8 twice to create a total of four layers in the image.

Choose Image, Resize, Canvas Size.

Click the upper-left corner of the proxy grid and set the Width and Height to 200%; then click OK.

Choose the Move tool.


A Prerequisite

To select each layer with the Move tool, Auto Select Layer must be checked in the Options bar.

Click in the upper-left corner of the image and choose Enhance, Adjust Color, Adjust Hue/Saturation.

Click Colorize and drag the Hue slider until you like the image's color; then click OK.

Shift-drag the picture to the right side of the window.

Repeat steps 13-15 to move the other picture duplicates to the bottom corners of the window and colorize them with different colors.



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