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Scanning a Slide

You can scan your old slides much as you do prints. Many scanners have special transparency adapters you can buy, which provide backlight for a brighter, sharper picture. However, you can get good results with these steps, even if you don't have one of these attachments.

Insert the slide in the scanner, emulsion (dull) side up. (If your scanner has a backlit transparency attachment, use it.)

In Photoshop Elements, click the Photo Browser button in the Shortcuts bar.

In the Organizer, click the Get Photos button and choose From Scanner in the pop-up menu. Elements automatically detects your scanner and starts up the scanner software.


Clean Glass

Start by cleaning the scanner glass. Take color slides out of their paper or plastic mounts so they lie flat. For tips on scanning negatives, look at the next task, “Making a Positive from a Negative.”


Another Route

You can also do the steps described here with the menu commands File, Import, WIA Support or File, Import, WIA-<scanner name>.

Click Adjust the Quality of the Scanned Picture (or its equivalent; the dialog box for your scanner might look different).

Increase the values of Brightness and Contrast, especially if you don't have a transparency attachment.

Increase the Resolution to at least 300 dpi or more.

In the Picture Type pop-up menu, choose Grayscale Picture for black-and-white originals with shading, or Color, and click OK.


It's Not All Black and White

In step 7, avoid the Black and White setting. The only time you'd use it would be for scanning line art, drawings, and text that have no shading.


Setting the DPI

In step 6, the smaller the transparency, the higher the dpi setting should be. For 35mm color slides, set the Resolution as high as it will go 1200 dpi on this scanner.

Click Preview (repeat steps 5-7 and adjust until the preview image looks right).

Click Scan. The scanned picture appears in the active image window.



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