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Part 6. Creating Snazzy Effects > Mounting a Photo on a Fancy Background

Mounting a Photo on a Fancy Background

Putting a cherished family photo in an expensive frame is a fine idea, but the price of a custom matte is a needless expense. Create your own fancy background, and it won't cost you any more than a little extra printer ink. And yours will probably be prettier than any you can buy.

With the photo in the active image area, choose the Rectangular Marquee tool, or press M.

Click and drag to frame the image.

Choose Edit, Copy, or press Ctrl+C.


Crop, While You're at It

You don't need to crop your photo first, because selecting the area to copy has the same result. But if the selection is too small in relation to the fancy background image, resample the image first to increase resolution.

Choose File, New, Blank File or press Ctrl+N.

Increase the Width and Height measurements by about 20%; then click OK.

Choose the Paint Bucket tool, or press K.

Click in the new image area to fill it with color.


What Color Do You Prefer?

The Paint Bucket tool deposits the current foreground color. To make a different choice, click the topmost color patch at the bottom of the toolbar, and choose a new color from the Color Picker.


You're Not Stuck

In step 6, for a different look, after switching to the Paint Bucket tool, choose Pattern in the Fill box in the Options bar, choose a pattern, and click inside the image area to fill the background with the pattern.

By adding a frame using Photoshop Elements, you can begin to think of every photo you shoot as just the starting point for a piece of attractive, personalized artwork. Traditionally, film photographers didn't get involved in such artistic cutting and pasting, but in today's digital realm, it's just so easy.

Choose Filter, Texture, Mosaic Tiles.

Click OK.


Varying Textures

Like the Craquelure filter shown previously, you can vary Mosaic Tiles by adjusting sliders after step 8. Other available textures are Grain, Patchwork, Stained Glass, and Texturizer (for surface effects such as Canvas and Burlap).

Choose Edit, Paste, or press Ctrl+V.



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