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Chapter n. New! Features > Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2 with ImageReady CS2 means superior results faster, with new features and enhancements that help you create and manage your images more easily and efficiently. The indispensable new and improved features help graphic web designers, photographers, and video professionals create the highest quality images, with the control, flexibility, and capabilities that you expect from the professional standards in desktop digital imaging.

Photoshop CS2 for All Users

  • Adobe Update Manager (p. 4, 24-25) Set Adobe update preferences for Photoshop and its related programs to automatically search for updates on a monthly basis.

  • Status Bar (p. 10) Displays status information for 32-bit exposure and Version Cue.

  • Adobe Dialog (p. 11) Open and save files using the Adobe dialog box. You can quickly switch between the operating system and Adobe versions.

  • Adobe Bridge (p. 12-13, 55) Use Bridge—a stand-alone program that comes with Photoshop—to organize, browse, and locate the different types of images you need to create content for print, the web, and even mobile devices. Use Bridge to view, open, process, and batch images from any Adobe Creative Suite 2 program.

  • Video Preview (p. 16) Display documents on a display device, such as a standard or DVD screen, using a Firewire link.

  • Pixel Aspect Ratio (p. 17) Adobe adds 3 Pixel Aspect Ratio options: D4/D16 Standard (0.95), HDV Anamorphic (1.333), and D4/D16 Anamorphic (1.0).

  • Multi-image Camera Raw (p. 18-19) Process an entire photo shoot in a fraction of the time. With support for a comprehensive range of digital cameras, you can automatically adjust settings, convert to universal Digital Negative (DNG) format, and apply nondestructive edits to batches of images.

  • Smart Objects (p. 21) Perform transforms of embedded vector (e.g. Adobe Illustrator files) and of pixel data without losing original image data in Photoshop. Create multiple instances of embedded data and easily update all instances at once.

  • Adobe Help Center (p. 26) Display help topics in an integrated Adobe CS2 stand-alone viewer that floats like a palette. In addition to the encyclopedic help information, Adobe includes more task-based content that addresses how to accomplish common tasks quickly. The database and search engine provides better searching (e.g. a search for "hazy" would reveal "blurry").

  • Adobe Version Cue 2.0 (p. 32) Manage files and versions as a single user or in a small workgroup. Integrate with Adobe Bridge to manage files for your Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite projects.

  • Info Palette (p. 43-44) Displays information such as: Document Size, Efficiency, Scratch Sizes, and whether the image uses 8-, 16-, or 32-bit color channels.

  • Font Size User Interface Customization (p. 54, 70) Customize the size of text in the Options bar, palettes, and the Layer Style dialog box.

  • File Handling (p. 56-57) Set a preference to enable the use of the Large Document format (PSB), which is designed for Photoshop CS and CS2.

  • Customizable User Interface (p. 54, 74-75) Customize menus and save customized sets in workspaces. Show and hide menu items, color-code menu items, and save workspaces that contain menu, keyboard, and/or palette layouts. Use and switch between presets (e.g. Basic, Automation, and What's New in CS2) to customize Photoshop to suit your needs.

  • Japanese Type Features (p. 70) Format text with new character alignment (Mojisoroe) and more Kinsoku Shori types.

  • Layer Visibility Undoable (p. 121) Set a preference to make layer visibility changes undoable.

  • WYSIWYG Font menu (p. 298) Preview font families and font styles directly in the Font menu. Font names are listed in the regular system font, and a sample word ("Sample") is listed next to each font name in the font itself.



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