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Chapter 6. Working with the History Pale... > Controlling the Creative Process wit...

Controlling the Creative Process with Snapshots

The History palette contains more than just steps, it also holds snapshots. A History snapshot is an image of the document, as it exists at the time the snapshot was taken. The History palette can hold as many snapshots as needed, and they are not subject to the number of History States. That means they stay with the document throughout the creative process. By default, Photoshop takes a snapshot of the image when it first opens. This snapshot represents the original state of the image, before any adjustments or modifications are applied, and is identified with the file name of the image. It's a good idea to create a History state every time you make a major change to the image. That way if you want to start all over, all you have to do is click on the snapshot, and Photoshop returns you to the moment in time the snapshot was created.

Create Snapshots

Select the History palette.

Click the History Palette Options button, and then click History Options.

Select the Show New Snapshot Dialog By Default check box, and then click OK.

Perform several actions to the image.

Click the Create New Snapshot button.

Type a name for the new snapshot.

Click the From list arrow, and then click a save image information option:

  • Full Document. Saves the entire visible image and all layers.

  • Merged Layers. Saves only the merged layers.

  • Current Layer. Saves only the active layer.

Click OK.



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