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Chapter 12. Working with Layer Styles > Creating Customized Styles Using the St...

Creating Customized Styles Using the Styles Palette

Creating customized styles using the Styles palette requires you have a layer with an applied style, and you want to save the style. If you do, you're only a button click away from saving the style into the Styles palette. When you create a layer style, the style appears as a sub-element of the layer. For example, creating a drop shadow, and inner glow layer style creates two sub-elements directly below the layer the styles were attached—one for the drop shadow and one for the inner glow. When you save a customized style, you select a layer, not an individual style, and save all the sub elements of that layer. To save a customized style with only the inner glow, you must first drag the drop shadow to the Layer Delete button.

Create Customized Styles

Select the Layers palette.

Select a layer that contains a layer style.

Select the Styles palette.

Move to the bottom of the Styles palette, and then click your mouse when you see the cursor change to a paint bucket.

Did You Know?

You can download additional styles from Adobe. In your Web browser, go to www.adobe.com and navigate to Adobe Studio Exchange for more styles.

Select the following options:

  • Name. Enter a name for the new layer style.

  • Include Layer Styles. Select this check box to include any layer styles to the style.

  • Include Layer Blending Options. Select this check box to include any blending mode options applied to the style.

Click OK.

If you open the Styles palette, you'll see the new style is added to the bottom of the current list.



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