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Chapter 11. Using the Paths Palette > Working with Clipping Paths - Pg. 345

Using the Paths Palette 345 Did You Know? drag directly on the line, not the anchor point. You can change the curve of a segment line with a click and drag.Click the Direct Selection tool, and then Working with Clipping Paths Photoshop documents are an image contained within a bounding box. A bounding box consists of a square or rectangle with 4, 90-degree corners. Unfortunately, most images are not shaped like a bounding box. Clipping Paths let you place non-rectangular images onto a transparent background, and then save and use them in other applications, such as Quark Xpress, without having a big white box surrounding the image. The trick is to create a well-defined path, and then convert the path into what Photoshop calls a Clipping Path. Work with Clipping Paths 1. Open a document. 2. Select the Pen or Freeform Pen tool on the toolbox. 3.