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Chapter 4. Mastering the Art of Selectio... > Organizing with Multi-Level Groups - Pg. 112

Mastering the Art of Selection 112 Did You Know? You can turn smart guides on and off.Click the View menu, point to Show, and then click Smart Guides. Organizing with Multi-Level Groups Grouping layers in ImageReady helps to organize multiple layers. Layer groups are similar to layer sets, but allow for different kinds of quick manipulation. Layer groups let you move, drag, resize and physically manipulate multiple layers as one. For example, if you're creating a tabbed navigation bar, having all the tabs in one group helps to move and position the objects as one. When you create a layer group, the layers included in the group appear in the Layers palette indented under a heading of Group ending with a number representing a unique value for the group. Using the Layer Select tool you can click on any layer in the group to move the entire group. Organize with Multi-Level Groups 1. Open a document in ImageReady. 2. Select the Layers palette. 3.