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Chapter 14. Manipulating Images with Fil... > Applying Multiple Filters to an Imag...

Applying Multiple Filters to an Image

Previous to Photoshop CS, if you wanted to apply more than one filter to an image, you would have to select and apply the filters, one at a time. There were two drawbacks to this method—it took longer, and you really didn't know how the two filters would interact with each other until you applied the second filter. Even for experienced Photoshop users this translated into a lot of undo operations and wasted time. That was then; this is now. Not only does Photoshop's Filter Gallery let you apply and view a filter effect, it lets you view the multiple effects of two or more filters. The Filter Gallery has its own layer palette, and can have a lot of effect layers.

Apply Multiple Filters to an Image

Open a document.

Select the Layers palette, and then select the layer you want to modify with a filter effect.

Click the Filters menu, and then click Filter Gallery.

Click a filter, and then adjust the filter as necessary.

Click the New Layer Effect button, located at the bottom of the Filter Adjustments section. You can add as many effects layers as needed.

Click and adjust a second filter.

TIMESAVER If you want to give an image a second application of the last used filter, there's no need to repeat the filter process, simply select a layer, and press Ctrl+F (Win) or +F (Mac).

Adjust each individual effect by clicking on the effect layer you want to change.

To temporarily show or hide the effect on the image, click the Show/Hide button.

To delete a selected effect layer, click the Delete button.

Click OK.

IMPORTANT Once you click the OK button, the effects are moved from the effects layers in the Filter Gallery and permanently applied to the active image.



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