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Chapter 14. Manipulating Images with Filters > Working with the Filter Gallery

Working with the Filter Gallery

The new Filter Gallery maintains complete and total control over Photoshop's filters. In essence, the Filter Gallery gives you access to all of Photoshop's filters and lets you apply the filters to any raster image, while viewing a large preview of the results. The Image Gallery dialog box is composed of three sections—Image Preview, Filter Selection, and Filter Controls. When you use the Filter Gallery to modify the image, you see exactly how the image will look; there is no guesswork involved.

Work with the Filter Gallery

Open a document.

Select the Layers palette, and then select the layer you want to modify with a filter effect.

Click the Filters menu, and then click Filter Gallery.

Change the image preview by clicking the plus or minus zoom buttons, or by clicking the black triangle and selecting from the pre-set zoom sizes.

If necessary, drag the lower-right corner in or out to resize the Filter Gallery dialog box.

Click the black triangle, located to the left of the individual categories, to expand a filter category. Filter categories include:

  • Artistic

  • Brush Strokes

  • Distort

  • Sketch

  • Stylize

  • Texture

For Your Information

Using Filters

When you apply a filter to an image you are physically remapping the pixel information within the image. Photoshop contains 99 filters and the combinations of those filters are astronomical. No other version of Photoshop has given you the ability to view the effects of multiple filters on an image. Using the New Filter Gallery in Photoshop gives you control over the image in ways never seen before. Use that control to experiment with different filters and combinations. If you are a math wizard, there are over 100 million combinations available, and that means that no one has discovered all the ways you can manipulate an image in Photoshop… have fun trying.

Click a filter from the expanded list to view its default effects to the image.

Modify the effects of the filter using the filter controls.

Click the Hide Filter Section button, located to the left of the OK button, to temporarily hide the Filter Selections.

Click OK.



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