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Chapter 14. Manipulating Images with Fil... > Protecting Images with Watermarks

Protecting Images with Watermarks

Digital watermarks are designed to protect your intellectual property. When you embed a digital watermark, it actually inserts the watermark information as visible noise into the image. This means that someone can copy your image, scan it, and the watermark is still part of the image. To embed a digital watermark, you must first register with Digimarc Corporation; which maintains a database of artists, designers, and photographers and their contact information. You can then embed the Digimarc ID in your images, along with information such as the copyright year or a restricted-use identifier.

Protect Images with Watermarks

Open the image you want to watermark.

The Embed Watermark filter won't work on an image that has been previously watermarked.

If you're working with a layered image, you should flatten the image before watermarking it; otherwise, the watermark will affect the active layer only.

Click the Filter menu, point to Digimarc, and then click Embed Watermark.

If you're using the watermark for the first time, click Personalize. Get a Digimarc ID by clicking Info to launch your Web browser and visit the Digimarc Web site at www.digimarc.com.

Enter a Digimarc ID and any other necessary information, and then click OK.

The Personalize button becomes a Change button, allowing you to enter a new Digimarc ID.

Enter a copyright year, Transaction ID, or Image ID for the image.

Select any of the following Image Attributes check boxes:

  • Restricted. Select this check box to limit the use of the image.

  • Do Not Copy. Select this check box to specify the image should not be copied.

  • Adult Content. Select this check box to label the image contents as suitable for adults only.

Click the Target Output list arrow, and then specify whether the image is intended for Monitor, Web, or Print Display.

Drag the slider, or enter a value (1 to 4). The higher the number, the more aggressive the watermark.

To automatically assess the watermark's durability after it's embedded, select the Verify check box.

Click OK.



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