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Chapter 14. Manipulating Images with Filters > Working with Photo Filters

Working with Photo Filters

The Photo Filter command acts as if you placed a colored filter in front of the camera lens. Photographers place colored filters in front of a camera lens to adjust the color balance of the image and control the color temperature of the light transmitted through the lens. In addition to simulating a color filter, the Photo Filter command also lets you select a color preset and apply a specific hue adjustment to an image, and if you want to apply a custom color adjustment, the Photo Filter command lets you specify a user-defined color using the Adobe Color Picker.

Work with Photo Filters

Open a document.

Select the Layers palette, and then select the layer in which you want to apply the Photo Filter.

Click the Image menu, point to Adjustments, and then click Photo Filter.

Select the Preview check box to view the results of the color filter directly in the active document window.

Select from the following options:

  • Filter. Click the Filter list arrow, and then select from the available filter presets.

  • Color. Click the Color box, and then select a color using the Color Picker dialog box.

  • Density. Drag the slider to increase or decrease the impact the color has on the image.

  • Preserve Luminosity. Select this check box to prevent the image being darkened by adding a color filter (recommended).

Click OK.



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