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Chapter 13. Getting Creative with Type > Creating Chiseled Type with a Type Mas...

Creating Chiseled Type with a Type Mask

This technique is great for creating three-dimensional text on any image. For example, you could use this technique to create the extended text on a plastic credit card, or words chiseled in marble. The technique is simple, but the results are impressive. Using the Bevel and Emboss layer style generates the effect, and the trick is it darkens the upper-left portions of the selection, while lightening the lower-right portions. This creates the illusion of a light source falling across a concave or chiseled surface.

Create Chiseled Type

Open a document containing the image you want to use for the chisel effect.

Select the Layers palette, and then select the layer containing the image.

Select the Horizontal Type Mask tool on the toolbox.

Click in the document window to place an insertion point, and then type.

As you type, Photoshop creates a mask in the size and shape of the current font.

Use the editing tools on the mask to change its font, style, and size.

IMPORTANT You'll need a thick sans serif font, like Arial Black, or Impact.

Select the Marquee tool on the toolbox, and then position the mask directly over the portion of the image you want the words to appear.

Press Ctrl+J (Win) or +J (Mac).

Photoshop creates a copy of the image pixels inside the type mask, and then places them in a layer directly above the active layer.

Click the layer containing the copied image pixels.

Move into the interior of one of the letters, and then drag to move the selection.

Select the Layers palette.

Click the Add Layer Style button, and then click Bevel & Emboss.

Select from the following options that will give the text the appearance of being chiseled:

  • Style. Inner Bevel

  • Technique. Chisel Hard

  • Depth. 150%

  • Direction. Down

Click OK.



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