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Chapter 19. Designing for the Web > Exporting Directly to Flash

Exporting Directly to Flash

ImageReady lets you export a document as into the Flash SWF file format, that can then go directly to the Web or be imported into Macromedia Flash. If the document is a multilayered Photoshop file, each layer can be exported as a single SWF object file, or each layer can be exported as separate SWF files (using Layers As Files). If a multilayered document file is exported into one SWF file, any animation frames are exported automatically as SWF animation frames. However, slices, image maps, and rollovers are not converted and are ignored.

Export Directly to Flash

Open a document in ImageReady.

If the document is an animation, the frames will be visible in the Animation palette.

Click the File menu, point to Export, and then click Macromedia Flash SWF.

Select from the following Export options:

  • Preserve Appearance. Retains the appearance of the Photoshop file and may rasterize a text or shape layer if they cannot be exported natively to the SWF format.

  • SWF bgcolor. Click to select a color used for the background of the generated SWF file.

  • Generate HTML. Check to create an HTML document, that will house the SWF file.

  • Enable Dynamic Text. Check to map text variables to SWF dynamic text.

  • Embed Fonts. Click to select not to embed, embed a full character set, or a partial set. If partial is selected choose whether to add all upper-case, all lower-case, all numbers, or all punctuation.

  • Extra. Enter special characters to include in the generated set.

  • Format. Click to select a formatting option for any of the images.

  • JPEG Quality. Enter a JPEG quality compression value (0 to 100). The higher the value the larger the file, but less information is lost to the compression scheme.

Click OK.

Enter a name, and then select a location to save the SWF file.

Click Save.



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