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Chapter 19. Designing for the Web > Creating a GIF from Scratch

Creating a GIF from Scratch

The Internet has a distinct advantage over the world of paper, it can produce movement. There are many ways to make things move on a Web page; however, one of the most Internet compatible ways is the animated GIF. The original designation, GIF89a, gives you an idea of how long this format has been around, and ImageReady makes animated GIF creation a snap. As a matter of fact, creating an animation is actually collaboration between Photoshop and ImageReady (Photoshop has more drawing tools).

Create a GIF from Scratch

Open ImageReady.

Click the File menu, and then click New.

Enter a name in the Name box.

Click the Size list arrow, and then select from the available presets, or enter in a customized width and height.

Click White, Background Color, or Transparent options to determine the contents of the first layer (animated GIF files work best using the Transparency option).

Click OK.

Select the Optimize palette, click the Format list arrow, and then click GIF.

Click the Edit In Photoshop Jump button on the toolbox to move the new document into Photoshop.

See Also

See Chapter 9,“Using the Paint, Shape Drawing, and Eraser Tools,” on page 183 for more information on using the various drawing tools.

Use any of Photoshop's drawing tools to create the first cell of your animation.

Press Ctrl+J (Win) or +J (Mac) to create a copy of your first animation in a separate layer.

Modify the second image (animations are essentially the same image, modified slightly between each animation frame or, in this case each layer).

Repeat steps 10 and 11 until you have enough cells for the animation.

Click the Edit in ImageReady Jump button.

Click the Window menu, and then click Animation.

Click the Animation Options button, and then click Make Frames From The Layers.

Click the Play button to view your first animation.



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