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Chapter 10. Creating Layer and Channel Masks > Using the Quick Mask Mode

Using the Quick Mask Mode

Quick Mask Mode gives you the ability to create a selection using Photoshop's painting and drawing tools, without creating a channel mask. For example, you're creating a selection using traditional selection tools, and there's a portion of the image you're having difficulty selecting. Since this is a one-time selection, you don't want to go to the trouble of creating a channel mask. The solution is to move into the Quick Mask Mode. Quick Mask Mode toggles between a selection and quick mask. When you enter Quick Mask Mode, any pre-existing selections are converted into a red mask, and changes to the mask are performed using painting tools. When you return to Standard Mode, the masked (painted) areas are converted into a selection. While quick masks are created the same way as channel masks, they're temporary. It's a quick way to create a one-time selection.

Use the Quick Mask Mode

Open a document.

Create a selection using any of Photoshop's selection tools.

Click the Edit In Quick Mask Mode button to convert the selection into a red overlay mask.

Select the Brush tool.

Paint with white to open up more selection areas.

Paint with black to mask the image.

Click the Edit In Standard Mode button to return to a standard selection.

Toggle between Quick Mask and Standard modes until you create the perfect selection.



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