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Chapter 16. Controlling Image Output > Understanding File Formats

Understanding File Formats

File Formats

PhotoshopUses a PSD (Photoshop) format, this is the default.
BMPUses a BMP (Bitmap) format.
CompuServe GIFUses a GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) format. This is used for clipart and text for the Web.
Photoshop EPSUses a EPS (Encapsulated PostScript Format) format. This saves vector information - i.e. paths.
JPEGUses a JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographers Expert Group) format. A compression method used to reduce the size of image files primarily for the Web.
PCXUses a PCX (PC Paintbrush bitmap) format and is used primarily in PC formats.
Photoshop PDFUses a PDF (Portable Document File) format. Creates a file that can be read by anyone who has a PDF reader program (such as Adobe).
Photoshop 2.0Uses a PSD (Photoshop Document File) format. When this is used, it strips a file of all layers, an creates a flattened composite image.
Photoshop RAWUses a RAW format that is for saving and transferring files between applications and computer platforms.
PICT FileUses a PICT format that is used for the Macintosh operating system.
PICT ResourceUses the PICT Resource format that lets you save the file that can be used as a Mac image resource.
PixarUses the Pixar format for images that are high-end animation, and 3-D rendering programs.
PNGUses the PNG (Portable Network Graphic) extension. This is used for saving images onto the Web.
Scitex CTUses the CT (Continuous Tone) format in high-end Scitex image-rendering computers.
TargaUses a Targa format for high-end image editing on the Windows platform.
TIFFUses a TIFF (Tagged Image File) format which can be opened by almost any image-editing or layout program.
Photoshop DCS 1.0 & 2.0Uses a DCS (Digital Color Separation) format. This is used by press operators to create the plates used in 4-color printing.



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