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Using Enhanced Scripting

A script is a series of commands that instructs Photoshop to perform a set of specified actions or commands. These actions can be as simple as affecting only a single object or more complex, affecting many objects. The actions can call Photoshop alone or invoke other applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Scripts are useful for repetitive tasks and can be used as a creative tool to streamline tasks that are time consuming and boring. For example, you could write a script to access your digital camera. It could then process the images, create and save the documents in a folder that automatically includes the current date in the folder name, like Nikon 5700-12.12.2005. A scripting language lets you ask a question (an event), and use the answer to that question to perform any commands (an action) that are available in Photoshop. To create your own scripts you need a working knowledge of scripting languages such as JavaScript, and either a script-editing application or simply a text editor, such as NotePad (Win), TextEdit (Mac) BBEdit or even MS Word. The languages you can use to perform scripting are varied and include Visual Basic, AppleScript, and JavaScript, to name a few.

Use Enhanced Scripting

Open a text editor, and then create the script using any approved scripting language.

Save the document with the correct extension. For example, ActiveLayer.js for JavaScript.

To access the script in Photoshop, click the File menu, point to Scripts, and then click Browse.

Click the From (Mac) or Look In (Win) list arrow, and then select your script editor file.

Click the script in which you want to run.

Click Load to run the script.

Your script appears in a browse window.



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