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Chapter 25. Working with the Shape, Draw... > The Complex Object Creation Tools - Pg. 863

Working with the Shape, Drawing, and Graph Tools 863 You determine the direction of the spiral in a dialog box. To access the dialog box (shown in Figure 25.10), select the Spiral tool and click once in the document. In addition to controlling the direction of the spiral, you can enter numeric values for a precise object. Note that Decay rates (which can range from 50% to 150%) below 100% allow you to drag the spiral from the outside point. Decay rates above 100% result in drawing from the inner end of the path, and they are a bit tougher to control. A spiral that decays at 100% is an open path shaped like a circle. If the spiral has more than four segments, they overlap. Figure 25.10. In the Spiral dialog box, you can select a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. When you're dragging the Spiral tool to create an object, rotating the cursor in an arc rotates the spiral. Holding down Shift constrains the rotation to 45° angles. Pressing the up- or down-arrow key increases or decreases the number of winds, one segment at a time. Hold down (Command) [Ctrl] while dragging to increase or decrease the decay. When you start dragging a spiral and then press (Command) [Ctrl], moving the cursor toward the center of the spiral increases the decay percentage. This opens the center of the spiral and brings the winds closer together until the decay rate reaches 100%. Moving away from the center decreases the decay, thus tightening the center of the spiral and increasing the space between winds. Note Creating objects but their appearance isn't coming out right? See "Checking the Layers Palette" in the "Mastering Illustrator" section at the end of this chapter. The Complex Object Creation Tools In addition to the tools that create objects consisting of a single path, Illustrator offers several more- complex creation tools. The objects created by these tools are actually multiple paths, working together to form a single object. The Flare Tool Since the dawn of photography, artists have worked tirelessly to remove unwanted lens flares from their pictures. Adobe Illustrator offers us an easy way to add lens flare to an image with two clicks.