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Part 2. Optimizing Photoshop Projects > Task 2 How to Use the File Browser

Task 2 How to Use the File Browser

The File Browser is a floating window and palette that allows you to quickly view, reference, and launch any image file on your local computer or server. It allows you to visually browse multiple images and folders, and it is a real timesaver if you have a multitude of images or nondescript filenames

Open the File Browser

By default, the File Browser is located in the palette well on the right edge of the Options bar. To open it, click the tab labeled File Browser. The browser is also listed in the Window menu; you can launch it from there by selecting Window, File Browser.

View the Content Areas

The File Browser window is divided into four main areas. In the left column is the file list, the image preview section, and the file info section. The right column displays the image thumbnails for the selected folder.

Access a Folder of Images

Navigate the hierarchical menus in the file list to locate the desired folder of images. Click the folder to highlight it; this action also loads the thumbnails for the images in the folder in the thumbnail section of the window.

Format Thumbnail Display Area

Thumbnail previews can be displayed in a variety of ways. Use the Sort By menu at the bottom of the File Browser window to sort by 11 different variables, including name, size, file type, and copyright. The View By menu controls thumbnail size and data display.

Select an Image

Click a thumbnail to display a larger preview in the image preview section of the File Browser window. Information about file size, format, modification dates, and more is listed in the file info section of the window.

Open an Image

Double-click a thumbnail to open the image. While the browser is open, you can continue to open multiple files in sequence.



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