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Part 8. Drawing, Painting, and Filling w... > Task 6 How to Draw Graphic Shapes

Task 6 How to Draw Graphic Shapes

When you are editing images, there are many times when you might want to draw a flat geometric shape, such as a box or circle. Whether you want to create a screened area to add text, build a Web interface, or create an image composite, graphic shapes play a central role in the process. Adobe has made this function even more useful in Photoshop 7 because you can now draw and edit graphics in the image as if they were vector objects.

Open File

Choose File, Open and select the file you want to modify with a graphic shape.

Choose Shape Color

Click the Foreground color swatch in the toolbox to open the Color Picker. Select the color you want for the shape you will draw and click OK.

Select the Shape Tool

Choose the desired shape tool from the toolbox. Click and hold the graphic shape button to see a menu of all the shape options: Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, and Custom. When you drag the selected shape, remember that the Shift key constrains rectangles and ellipses into squares and circles.

Set the Shape Type

In the Options bar for the selected shape tool, select the method for drawing the shape. Choose the Fill Pixels icon to create a flat filled region on the current active layer. The Paths icon creates a separate shape layer with a clipping path. The Shape Layers icon creates an unfilled work path.

Draw the Shape

Click and drag in the image to draw the desired shape. Remember to use the Opacity slider and blending modes in the Options bar if necessary. If you selected the Paths option in Step 4, a new layer will appear in the Layers palette. If you selected the Shape Layers option, an active path will appear onscreen.

Edit the Shape

If you started with the Paths or Shape Layers option in Step 4, you can edit the shape you've drawn; after you draw the first shape, the edit options are activated, which allow you to add to, subtract from, restrict, or invert the path. Drag subsequent shapes using these options.



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