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Showing Your Clients Different Versions of Your Work

I think Adobe had graphic designers in mind when they added the Layer Comps feature to Photoshop, but my guess is photographers will use it as much, if not more, because it’s a great tool for showing off things like different wedding photo layouts, sports template layouts, and photos with different amounts of retouching or effects applied. Here’s how to use new Layer Comps feature in your work.

Step One.
While you’re working, once you have a layout that you think is fairly decent, go under the Window menu and choose Layer Comps to bring up the Layer Comps floating palette (shown here). Then, click on the New Layer Comp button at the bottom of the Layer Comps palette (which looks surprisingly like the New Layer icon in the Layers palette).


Step Two.
When you click this button, the New Layer Comp dialog (shown here) appears. Give your Layer Comp a descriptive name, then choose which attributes you want Photoshop to remember (it can remember which layers are visible, where your layers are positioned, and whether or not Layer Styles applied to your layers are visible). At the bottom is a Comment field, which is particularly important if you have multiple people working on the same document creating their own versions of the image.

Step Three.
Click OK and your Layer Comp is added to the Layer Comps palette. This isn’t just a still snapshot, because if you make changes, and then click on the Comp you just saved, the Layers palette itself actually reverts to what it looked like when you saved the comp. That way, you can pick up right where you left off, without having to recreate anything. You can continue to work, and each time you have a layout you like, click that New Layer Comp icon at the bottom of the palette.

Step Four.
It won’t be long before you’ll have a number of different versions of your document, all within the same document. The comments you added when creating Layer Comps are helpful, and you can view them by clicking on the gray right-facing triangle beside your Layer Comp (these comments appear directly below your Layer Comp in the palette as shown).

Step Five.
Now, it’s time to show the client your different layouts: Just use the left and right arrow buttons at the bottom of the Layer Comps palette to cycle through your different saved layouts (kind of like a slide show). Also, if you click one of the Layer Comps and then make a change to the layer (adjust opacity, change position, edit a Layer Style, etc.), you can update that comp to reflect your changes by clicking on the circular arrows icon at the bottom of the Layer Comps palette.



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