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Creating Your Own Custom Copyright Brush

If you want a quick way to apply your Copyright watermark to an image, check out this trick I learned from portrait photographer (and Photoshop guru) Todd Morrison. He showed me how to turn your copyright info into a brush so you’re only one click away from applying your mark to any photo. My thanks to Todd for letting me share his ingenious technique.

Step One.
Create a new document, then click on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette to create a new blank layer. Get the Custom Shape tool (it’s in the flyout menu of Shape tools right below the Type tool in the Toolbox), then go up to the Options bar and click on the third icon from the left (which creates your custom shape using pixels, rather than paths). Then, press the Enter key to bring up the Shape Picker, and choose the Copyright symbol from the default set of shapes (as shown here). Press the letter “d” to set black as your Foreground color and drag out a copyright symbol in the center of your document (as shown).

Step Two.
Switch to the Type tool, then type in your copyright info. The Type tool should create a new layer above the copyright symbol. (Note: When you set your type, go up to the Options bar and make sure your justification is set to “Center Text” [click the center of the three align icons]). Then, type a few spaces between the copyright date and the name of your studio. This enables you put the large copyright symbol in the center of your type (as shown here).

Step Three.
Get the Rectangular Marquee tool and drag out a selection around your type and your copyright symbol (as shown here). Then, go under the Edit menu and choose Define Brush Preset. When the Brush Name dialog appears (shown here), name your brush, then click OK. This adds your type as a custom brush in your Brush Presets library.


The preview of the brush that appears in the Brush Name dialog may make the brush look squished. Don’t worry, the preview looks squished, but the brush won’t be.

Step Four.
Get the Brush tool, then go up to the Brush Picker in the Options bar and scroll to the bottom of the brushes. The last brush in the set is the custom logo brush you just created. Click on this brush to make it your current brush.

Step Five.
Now that you’ve created your copyright brush, it’s time to put it to use. Open a photo that you want to use as a client proof. Add a new blank layer, then get the Brush tool, choose your copyright brush, and click once where you want your copyright info to appear. Then, lower the Opacity in the Layers palette to around 20% so you can see through the copyright (as shown here). Two things to keep in mind: (1) If the photo is dark, try white as your Foreground color; (2) You can use the Brush palette’s or Brush Picker’s Master Diameter slider to change the size of your brush.




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