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Fixing Grannies

This is a body-sculpting technique I picked up from (once again) Kevin Ames, and it’s great for trimming any excess skin from under the arms (these excess areas are sometimes referred to as “grannies” by mean retouchers).

Step One.
Open the photo that has an arm you want to tuck in, making it look thinner.


Step Two.
Press the letter “p” to get the Pen tool from the Toolbox and click it once at the base of her arm (near her armpit); then, move to her elbow area and click-and-drag to create the second point. As you drag, the path curves. Your goal is to have this part of the path dig a little bit into her skin (as shown), because you’re now determining where the arm’s edge will soon be.

Step Three.
Draw any points you need to close this path (bringing the path back to the point where you started). Then, press Command-Return (PC: Control-Enter) to turn the path into a selection.

Step Four.
Get the Clone Stamp tool from the Toolbox and Option-click (PC: Alt-click) on a background area near the arm you want to retouch (as shown).

Step Five.
Choose a soft-edged brush, and clone over the edge of the arm that falls within the selected area. Because you isolated the area first, you can’t accidentally erase too much of her arm—Photoshop won’t let you clone outside the selected area. Also, it’s okay to use a soft-edged brush, because whichever brush you use, hard or soft, it will be stopped at the edge of the selected area. Press Command-D (PC: Control-D) to deselect and view the final result.





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