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Removing Love Handles

This is a very handy body-sculpting technique, and you’ll probably be surprised at how many times you’ll wind up using it. It uses Liquify, which many people first dismissed as a “toy” for giving people “bug-eyes” and “huge lips,” but it didn’t take long for professional retouchers to see how powerful this tool could really be.

Step One.
Open the photo that has a love handle repair just waiting to happen. (In the photo at right, we’re going to remove the small love handle on the right side of the body. I know this is probably the last person in the world that needs a love handle removal, but when you’re looking through stock photos, finding a person that doesn’t have a perfect physique is nearly impossible.)


Step Two.
Go under the Filter menu and choose Liquify. When the Liquify dialog appears, click on the Zoom tool in the Toolbar on the left-hand side of the dialog. Then, drag out a selection around the area you want to work on to give you a close-up view for greater accuracy.

Step Three.
Get the Push Left tool from the Toolbar (as shown here). It was called the Shift Pixels tool in Photoshop 6 and 7, but Adobe realized that you were getting used to the name, so they changed it, just to keep you off balance.

Step Four.
Choose a relatively small brush size (like the one shown here) using the Brush Size field near the top-right of the Liquify dialog. With it, paint a downward stroke starting just above and outside the love handle and continuing downward. The pixels shifts back in toward the body, removing the love handle as you paint. (Note: If you need to remove love handles on the left side of the body, paint upward rather than downward. Why? That’s just the way it works.) When you click OK, the love handle repair is complete.





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