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Head Games: retouching portraits > Whitening the Eyes Quick Trick

Whitening the Eyes Quick Trick

This is a great little technique for quickly whitening the whites of the eyes, and it has the added benefit of removing any redness in the eye along the way.

Step One.
Open the portrait you want to retouch.


Step Two.
Choose the Lasso tool from the Toolbox and draw a selection around the whites of one of the eyes. Hold the Shift key and draw selections around the whites of the other eye, until all the whites are selected in both eyes.

Step Three.
Go under the Select menu and choose Feather. You need to use Feather to soften the edges of your selection so your retouch isn’t obvious. In the Feather Selection dialog, enter 2 pixels and click OK.

Step Four.
Go under the Image menu, under Adjustments, and choose Hue/Saturation. When the Hue/Saturation dialog appears, choose Reds from the Edit pop-up menu at the top (to edit just the reds in the photo). Now, drag the Saturation slider to the left to lower the amount of saturation in the reds (which removes any bloodshot appearance in the whites of the eyes).

Step Five.
While you’re still in the Hue/Saturation dialog, from the Edit menu, switch back to Master. Drag the Lightness slider to the right to increase the lightness of the whites of the eyes (as shown here). Click OK in the Hue/Saturation dialog to apply your adjustments, and then press Command-D (PC: Control-D) to deselect and complete the enhancement. The enhancement appears fairly subtle in the capture shown below, but when you try it yourself at full size, the effect appears much more pronounced.


After (bloodshot eyes lessened, and whites brightened).



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