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Head Games: retouching portraits > Removing the Signs of Aging

Removing the Signs of Aging

Photoshop 7.0 introduced two new tools that are nothing short of miracle workers when it comes to removing wrinkles, crowsfeet, and other facial signs of aging. We’ve touched on these tools slightly in previous techniques in this chapter, but here’s a closer look at how to use these amazing tools to quickly take 10 or 20 years off a person’s appearance.

Technique #1: Healing Brush

Step One.
Open the photo of the person whose signs of aging you want to remove.


Step Two.
Choose the Healing Brush from the Toolbox (as shown).

Step Three.
Hold the Option key (PC: Alt key) and click on an area of smooth skin (as shown). This samples the texture of the area you’re clicking on and uses it for the repair.

Step Four.
With the Healing Brush, paint a stroke over the wrinkles you want to remove (I painted over the wrinkles just below her eyes). When you first paint your stroke, for a moment, the tones won’t match and it’ll look like an obvious retouch; but a second later, the Healing Brush does its calculations and presents you with its final “magic” that beautifully blends in the original texture, seamlessly removing the wrinkle. Continue this process of sampling a clean area and painting over a wrinkled area until all the signs of aging are removed. (The “After” capture below shows 30 seconds of retouching with the Healing Brush—a total of about five strokes.)

Before (clearly visible wrinkles under both eyes).

After (after removing the wrinkles under the eyes).



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